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Welcome New Licence holders 2019/2020

We welcome new Alpine Skiers for the 2019-2020 season: Alec Scott (FIS transfer) and Charlotte Turner.

Biathlon / Roller Ski Days - 22nd & 23rd June

Roller Skiing will take place on Saturday 22nd June and the 2nd Biathlon Day will be held in Harbour House Range on Sunday 23rd June.

SAI Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Welcome to the Snowsports Association of Ireland (SAI) Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022. This is an exciting time for the SAI as this plan marks a significant milestone in the continuing development of the organization and is the first long-term strategic plan designed to set out a clear path for the future.

PyeongChang 2018 Snowsports Winter Olympic Team

The 5 Snowsports athletes and their Support team have arrived in PyeongChang which allows them a full week to prepare for their events, train and acclimatise to conditions ahead of the opening ceremony on the 9th February. For each of these athletes, reaching the Winter Olympics is the culmination of an arduous four-year campaign. 3 of the athletes (2 Alpine and 1 Snowboard) received an International Olympic scholarship to enable them to reach this milestone in their Ski/Snowboard Career.

Kieran Norris achieves 1st place in France

Kieran Norris achieved 1st place in SL in Combloux. This is a 3rd First Place for Kieran this season. Two in CIT Arnold Lunn World Cup races.

Trofeu Borrufa - 26th Annual FIS Children's FIS Race

This year the Team of alpine skiers in Andorra achieved the best results in a Borrufa competition.

FIS Alpine World Ski Championships - St. Moritz

A team of 5 skiers and support personnel competed in the World Alpine Ski Championships in St. Moritz on 12th - 19th February. More information - see "Events"

FIS Nordic World Ski Championships - Lahti, Finland 22 February 2017

A team of 5 skiers and support personnel will represent Ireland at the Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti, Finland. All good wishes to the team. More information - see 'Disciplines' (Cross Country Skiing).

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