The SAI is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of its members. Every individual should at all times show respect and understanding for their rights, safety and welfare, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the SAI and the guidelines contained in the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport in Ireland.

In, the SAI our first priority is the welfare of the young people and we are committed to providing an environment which will allow participants to perform to the best of their ability, free from bullying and intimidation.

International Races
Snowsports athletes can apply for a licence from the SAI to compete in FIS races.

Licences / Registration with FIS
The FIS licence year begins on July 1st and finishes on June 30th of the following year. To be eligible for participation in FIS events, a competitor must have a FIS licence issued by his/her National Ski Association. Such a licence shall be valid in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres for the licence year only.

Athletes Declaration
The FIS Licence will only be issued to competitors who have personally signed the Athletes Declaration, in the actual form approved by the FIS Council. All forms from athletes of minority age, according to national laws, (applicants under 18) must be counter-signed by their legal guardians. (download form here)

With the issuance of a licence and race entry the athlete must carry accident insurance, in sufficient amounts to cover accident, transport and rescue costs including race risk. The athlete assumes full responsibility and will be asked to supply a copy of his / her current insurance policy.

The SAI committee, sponsors, suppliers, their agents and the FIS decline any responsibility for accidents, damaged or lost equipment and second and third party claims during training or competitions.

It is usual for athletes to take out annual insurance cover. If cover is taken out per trip, in such cases athletes must produce evidence of insurance cover before entry in to a FIS race.

Anti- Doping
The Anti-Doping Rules of the Snowsports Association of Ireland are the Irish Anti-Doping rules as amended from time to time.
Athletes in the “elite” category registered with the Irish Sports Council will be required to answer questions directly by the Sports Council and be available at any time in accordance with the whereabouts form they supply to the Irish Sports Council.


For further information about policies email ssai@snowsports.ie

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