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The Snowsports Association of Ireland (SAI), (formerly known as the Ski Association of Ireland) was formed in 1971 to promote the development of the growing sport of Skiing in Ireland and affiliated to the International Governing Body of the sport, namely Federation Internationale De Ski (FIS) and subsequently the Olympic movement through the Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI).The Snowsports Association of Ireland has been affiliated to the Federation Internationale De Ski for more than twenty five years and the Olympic Federation of Ireland (formerly Olympic Council of Ireland) since 1997.  The SAI became full member of the International Biathlon Union in 2018 having been a associate member for a number of years.  

What does the SAI do?

The main object of the Snowsports Association of Ireland (SAI is to promote the sport of snowsports and assoicated winter sports.

  • Development of recreational and of National and International competition.
  • Developmnet and promotion of the sport both at Irish national and international level.
  • Make representations to Government Departments, Statutory bodies and other authorities in Ireland and abroad in the furtherance of these objectives.





Latest News & Events


Tuesday, 17 November 2020

The UTS Virtual Youth Festival 2020 came to life as an opportunity during the Covid-19 pandemic for youth from all over the world to engage in friendly, sport for all competitions whilst also gaining access to crucial education via a union of leading international organisations. The location for this youth festival is on the digital platform, where youth participants simply need a recording devise such as a mobile phone and access to WIFI in order to participate. The athletes nominated to represent Ireland are: Amelia Allen and Daniel Clarke.

FIS Development Alpine Training Camp South America, El Colorado (CHI)

Friday, 21 June 2019

Alpine Skiers, Gloria Lyons and Alex Ainsworth will head off to Chile for the FIS Alpine Training Camp (7th - 27th July 2019).

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