Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle is the ballet of the Olympic skiing disciplines. With booming music and huge crowds all there to see the spectacular performances of the men and women who love to display their jumps and aerial twists.

Moguls is currently the bigger of the two events, where competitors race each other down a slope specially constructed slope with a multitude of bumps. Points are awarded for technique, speed and the quality of the two jumps required.

Aerial freestyle appeared at the 1994 Games in Lillehammer and soon became a crowd pleaser. More akin to gymnastics, competitors go one at a time and perform two jumps. 

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This year John Brown officially received a transfer fby FIS from USA to Ireland in Freestyle Skiing. John just missed out on qualification for the Winter Olympic Games Sochi achieving 38th position in World Cup Qualifier events recently. The qualification standard was top 30. 

What does the SAI do?

Develops and promotes Snowsports in Ireland.IMG 1355 Thumbnail0

Governs Irish recreational, national and international competitive snowsports and snowsports teaching.

Makes representations to Government Departments, Statutory Bodies and other authorities in Ireland and abroad in the furtherance of the preceding objectives.

Upcoming Major Events

World Winter Olympic Games - Sochi - 7th to 23rd February

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Irish Team for Winter Olympics

Irish Team for Winter Olympics

Monday, 10 February 2014

The team representing Ireland in Sochi

Schedule of Winter Olympic Events for Team Ireland

Schedule of Winter Olympic Events for Team Ireland

Monday, 10 February 2014

Irish athletes are competing in the following events.....


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